Day: August 11, 2020

Conagra pudding snack pack

Pointing out blatant lies on one food package

In this video, I dismantle one-by-one the lies from Conagra on this single food product and use it as an example of how food companies do everything they can to keep you in the dark and trick you into thinking their products are healthier than they really are. Lie #1: “No Preservatives” The package clearly

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Chrons disease cover

Shopping for yogurt, and what’s carrageenan?

In this video health tip, Tony is back in the grocery store looking at one of America’s favorite “healthy” snacks – yogurt. Tony explains that there’s three main questions to ask when looking at a yogurt label: 1.) What is the emulsifier being used? 2.) What is it being colored with? 3.) What is it

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