Congressman Mullin Shakes Dozens of Hands

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Today, Tony’s Health Tip is to stay far away from U.S. Congressman Markwayne Mullin and his family for the next 14 days. The Republican Congressman, who has represented Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district since 2013, was on national television today bragging about he shook the hands of dozens of police officers at the capitol. Here’s what he had to say in his interview on NBC News:

“I went and I talked to a whole bunch of law enforcement they have a triage center set in the basement of on of our office buildings. If I said there was 25 or 50 of them I’d be underestimating. I shook every one of their hands, I told them thank you. Every one of these guys have families…

Yes sir, they do have families, and if you believe in social distancing, you put those family members at risk. And we know Rep. Mullin believes in the six-foot rule, at least publicly, because his website encourages citizens to social distance. So why is a U.S. Congressman advocating for us to social distance while he is shaking the hands of dozens of strangers and bragging about it on national television? Some politicians are suggesting we don’t hug our family members during the holidays, while they themselves are clearly not following their own advice.

This incident raises many questions. Does Rep. Mullin really believe in the CDC’s guidelines or does he just put them on his website to be politically correct? Is Rep. Mullin going to quarantine after shaking hands with dozens of strangers, or will he be putting co-workers at risk?

Rep. Mullin is the latest in a long line of politicians who are encouraging or mandating citizens to do one thing, while being caught publicly not following their own advice. Austin, TX Mayor Steve Adler encouraged his constituents not to travel while he himself was in Cabo, Mexico.

Denver’s mayor flew to Mississippi for Thanksgiving with his family — after urging common folks to stay home. The Pennsylvania mayor banned indoor dining, then was caught eating at a Maryland restaurant. California’s governor Newsome dined at a fancy French restaurant with lobbyists, none wearing masks, a day after San Francisco’s mayor was there for a birthday party. Both recently imposed harsh rules on restaurants and small businesses.



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