Oatmeal for the win

Should I soak my oats?

Pound-for-pound, oatmeal is one of my favorite food staples of my diet because it’s very nutritious, inexpensive, and versatile

. As is discuss oatmeal in this video keep in mind, you should always buy organic and soak your oats overnight to reduce phytic acid and improve your absorption of nutrients. The most common form of oats are rolled oats, but thicker versions “Steel Cut” and oat flakes can be found as well. I enjoy making home made granola (honey, crushed almonds, and oats) with oats, adding them to baked goods, or eating as a porridge with fruit, raisins (no oil) or cinnamon added. Edible essential oils (cinnamon, citrus, etc.) can also be added to customize your favorite breakfast.

If you have eczema, dry skin, or dermatitis, Oatmeal baths are also extremely beneficial topically.

Why oatmeal?

Nutritionally, oatmeal packs a potent punch, with 7 grams of protein per serving, five grams of fiber. For comparison sake, a medium sized apple, according to the Mayo Clinic, has about five grams of fiber. Oa

soaked oats oatmeal overnight nutritioustmeal also provided 15% of your daily recommended iron content in one serving. Keep in mind, the serving size of oatmeal is very small (about 3 ounces) so these numbers are very conservative. There’s also some antioxidants in oatmeal, such as manganese and phosphorus, both of which are really good for bones. Click here to read a health tip crucial for building strong bones. Oatmeal, also provides selenium, which should interest anyone with a family history of cancer because selenium has the ability to repair your DNA. Worried about your cholesterol? Not only is oatmeal a cholesterol free food, it also delivers beta glucans which decrease cholesterol after you eat.

Because oatmeal is very inexpensive and stores easily, it’s convenient to stock up and buy in bulk!


-To stay hydrated in the summer, consider adding coconut water, instead of milk to your oatmeal

Always soak your oats overnight

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