Buy this, not that: Mac n’ cheese

An American Staple

Macaroni and powdered cheese is an inexpensive and filling staple of households across America, that debuted in 1937 during the great depression as cheap form of calories. I’m generally not a fan of this dish because of the lack of nutrients in the pasta and the processed powdered cheese, but for those of you who are going to buy it anyways, and looking for a “lesser of two evils” comparison, I take you shopping in the grocery store in this video break down of which macaroni and cheese options are best.

Label comparison

The main thing I’m looking for on a macaroni and cheese box to see if it’s healthy is what it’s colored with. On a traditional box of Kraft macaroni and cheese we’re going to see two food dyes – YellowMacaroni and cheese No. 5 and Yellow No. 6. There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that food dyes are linked to childhood behavioral issues, migraines, and asthma. Parents of children with behavioral issues should be aware what the latest science says about these dyes. But even if you’re shopping for adults, look for the ingredients without food dyes, and preferably one with the organic seal on it because that will ensure the milk used didn’t have bovine growth hormones and antibiotics.

Bovine growth hormone is used by farmers to increase the size of the cow so that it produces more milk (and profit) but the cow’s body isn’t accustomed to growing that fast so it’s common for infections to set in which is a big reason why antibiotics are used. Antibiotics kill good bacteria, necessary for proper digestion, along with bad bacteria. For the best probiotic supplement, to reverse the damage of antibiotics, click here or the picture at the bottom of this health tip. I take this supplement every day and have vetted it.

Remember too that Kraft, the largest food and beverage manufacturer in North America, has close connections to Phillip Morris, the tobacco company which once lied to congress about nicotine in their products not being harmful or addictive. This company has proven, in court, it does not care about your health and is more focused on generating profit by any means necessary.




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