Dandelion Root for liver and skin health

I owe a large debt of gratitude to the dandelion flower, not only for helping me overcome severe acne, but its  roots, used medicinally, were the main reason I began investigating herbs and reading about the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. In short, this website, and my passion for healing, would not exist if it weren’t for this wonderful flower which most homeowners consider a yard pest.

Go figure, dandelion root worked for me because it’s been known for centuries as a liver. Chinese medicine has recognized a link between the liver and skin health well before any pharmaceutical drug existed. The drugs offered to me by my western medical doctor required monthly blood tests because they’re toxic to the liver. Think about that last sentence for a second, please. My liver was the reason I had acne in the first place, and the drug my dermatologist wanted me on was known to damage the liver – while making my skin get better and giving me the illusion I was getting healthier.

My liver was the reason I had acne in the first place, and the drug my dermatologist wanted me on was known to damage the liver – while making my skin get better and giving me the illusion I was getting healthier.

dandelionsAs a bonus dandelions are loaded with vitamins A, B, C, and D as well as potassium, zinc and iron. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, but then again that’s what my dermatologist said too.

Dandelion, which is a diuretic, can be enjoyed in tea form (it tastes quite earthy) or can be taken in capsule form as well. By purchasing from the Amazon Affiliate links below (or even just by clicking) you’ll be supporting THT. As always, talk to your doctor before adding new items to your health regimen.

Liver health is key

Los Angeles’ Dr. Richard Schulze taught in colleges for 20+ years and used human cadavers to teach his students about internal organs. Because the organs of those who died in their 60s are messy and make things difficult for students to identify, he began using bodies of young healthier people who died in accidents. He said these new young bodies had normal organs, except when it got to the liver. “Often the liver was shaped drastically different, swollen much larger than normal, filled with body fluids, pus, tumors, scar tissue and parasites.” He said they often looked like “alien encounters.”

This is a terrifying commentary on our society. It appears our livers are being damaged, even at a young age now, by chemicals in our air, water, and food. Consider giving your liver a rest by cleansing it with herbs like Dandelion or avoiding toxins like alcohol for a prolonged period of time. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver also influences our moods, our vision, mental health, allergies, arthritic disorders, migraines, digestion and high blood pressure, and more. If you don’t buy TCM – just use your common sense: If your toxin filter is broken, it’s going to start negatively impacting other body parts and functions.

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  3. TonyWatchesClosely

    I have a question about places to order supplements because I do everything I can to avoid adding even more money to Jeff Bezo’s already overly obese financial status. I was wondering about Swanson or some other places that may be “reputable” and if you could possible do a review on different supplement supply places. I have used iherb but they are sometimes a little more pricey than others. I know All of them make the same claims though so it would be great to cover not only the affordability aspect of it but quality if that’s possible.

    1. I used to live right near Fargo, ND where there was a Swansons and I enjoyed going there often. I can’t speak to the quality/ethics of the company because I’ve not investigated it but I can vouch for their products. Tony, message me on Instagram twitter or facebook (@tonyshealthtips.com) and I cant get you a GREAT DEAL on A+ supplements.

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