Tony’s 1- hour podcast interview

John Bush interviews

In case you missed it, John Bush of the Conscious Resistance and the Live Free Now podcast, interviewed Tony todayin a live broadcast. The episode has been well received thus far with 80 “thumbs up” and 0 “thumbs down” on Youtube only two hours after their live feed went off the air.

Tony dropped knowledge on subjects ranging from the eye-popping breast cancer statistics that link breast cancer to the deodorant ingredient aluminum to the government’s current handling of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Tony Farmer and John Bush on podcastViewers asked questions toward the end of the episode and shared his favorite quote from former FDA commissioner Herbert Lay:

“What bugs me about the FDA is people think the FDA is protecting them, it’s not. What the FDA is doing and what people think the FDA is doing are as different as night and day.” – former FDA commissioner Herbert Lay

Tony also went into depth and explained four specific ways in which government health regulations might be actually harming our immune systems.

The duo also discussed the awful ingredients used by the soap and hand sanitizer industry and how doctors are being pressured by government boards to behave and subscribe in a particular way so that they do not risk losing their medical license for not coloring within the lines.




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