What is Mrs. Buttersworth hiding?

Maple syrup is a classic staple of so many of our kitchen. Pancakes and waffles just aren’t the same without the sweet goodness of this tree sap.

In this video, I’ll surprise you by showing that what the iconic Mrs. Buttersworth is hiding in plain sight. Unfortunately, Mrs. Buttersworth isn’t alone and a lot of her neighbors on the grocery store shelves are also being very deceiving on their labels.

The video also breaks down the difference between “Grade A” and “Grade B” syrup you find in the grocery store. The cool thing about this is you can actually visibly see in the video the difference in the qualities of these products.

It’s not the same

Is maple syrup unhealthy

Maple syrup is a classic example of a food product that used to be wholesome, but food manufacturers found a way to bastardize it, make it way less healthy, way cheaper, but taste pretty similar. They do so but replacing the authentic maple syrup with man-made sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup.

I recommend getting maple syrup from farmers markets, if you live in an area that will allow you to do so. If you must get your maple syrup from the grocery store, look for the name of the farm or location that the syrup is coming from. If you can’t easily trace the syrups source by looking at the label, then chances are the syrup is made using man-made chemicals which are highly refined and may cause a variety of health ailments. As discussed here, high fructose corn syrup is highly addictive and can actually cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it. This allows food companies to increase profit as you are left subconsciously feeling like you “need” the product to feel better.

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