Sports drinks and coconut water

You’ll often see people at the gym working up a sweat and drinking sports drinks like Gatorade. Don’t be that guy (or girl).

If you look at the label of these drinks, you’re going to see sugar often listed as the second ingredient. Remember, the first few ingredients listed on the label, are the most prominent ingredients in the recipe. These drinks are also loaded with food dyes and other sweeteners. Vitamin water is a trendy alternative to Gatorade, but there are issues with it as well. Like with Gatorade, the second ingredient is cane sugar. These sports drink companies are competing for your taste buds and they know that sweet sells.

A healthier alternative

Seeking an alternative to these processed sugary drinks? Look no further than coconut water, it’s a fantastic way coconut water has electrolytesto get electrolytes to replenish yourself on hot days or during a workout. Coconut water companies don’t have the advertising budgets as these sports drink companies (Who are often actually soda pop companies) so you’ll likely never see a coconut water commercial on television or with a professional athlete endorsement, but that doesn’t mean the product is inferior. Gatorade is owned by PepsiCo. And Coca Cola owns Vitamin Water and Powerade. These companies have a rich history of advertising toward children and contributing to this nation’s obesity epidemic. They’re the last sources we should be listening to when it comes to re hydrating our bodies for optimal performance before, during, and after a workout.

I look for coconut waters in glass bottles because plastics from bottles can leach out into the coconut water, as discussed in this video. Coconut waters come with and without pulp and some of my favorite coconut waters contain aloe vera as well. Coconut water is a great ingredient to substitute into smoothies instead of dairy and it can even be used like a milk in cereals.



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