Beer and hormones

Alcohol’s exception

Have you ever noticed that most alcohol containers do not contain ingredients? It’s kind of funny, things like shampoo and lotions legally have to. Food and beverages always do (if not in restaurants, etc.) so why is it that alcohol (and tobacco) – two of the more harmful products – do not? If these ingredients are listed to help consumers stay healthy, doesn’t it make sense that they should also be listed on two of the most unhealthy legal products on the market? The reason these products don’t list their ingredients is simple: They don’t have to. The federal government requires other products to list ingredients but not alcohol and tobacco. Thanks, government.

Is alcohol making men less manly?

Most people are becoming hip to the idea that preservatives are harmful for our health. But most people don’t think of the beer ingredient “Hops” as a preservative. That’s the exact role it plays in beer (as well as flavor enhancement). This is why it’s a steadfast ingredient in beer for centuries. Many studies have concluded that hops Is beer healthyhave an estrogenic effect, which means it increases the amount of estrogen in the body and decreases testosterone. So think about this for a second, many beer commercials market themselves as products for ultra masculine men, however that very product literally and biologically is making men more feminine by altering hormones. Talk about irony.

We also know that drinking alcohol also decreases the amount of HGH in our body.  So what’s HGH? That’s a human growth hormone that’s what athletes are illegally injecting into their bodies and getting caught in sports for when they want to increase their amount of human growth hormone so they can increase their amount of muscle.  Beer actually inhibits this muscle growth. Again ironic because during athletic sporting events, you know it’s people that want to be like athletes people that want to grow muscle oftentimes watching these events and drinking beer.




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