Buy this, not that: Peanut butter crackers

In this video health tip, I take you through the aisles of the grocery store for another episode of, “Buy this, not that” as we look at peanut butter crackers.

Ritz fails the test

As you may recall from this health tip on buying peanut butter in the grocery store, the first thing I look for in peanut butter ingredients is the dreaded partially hydrogenated oil. Unfortunately in Ritz peanut butter crackers, not only do we see partially hydrogenated oil in the peanut butter but it’s alsoMan holding magnifying glass in the crackers too, so you’re getting a double dose of a chemical that has been banned by other countries and is now banned in the United States (but still in our food until it’s phased out in 2021. (Thanks government!)

Making matters worse, these crackers also contain high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener which several studies have shown has addictive characteristics. A 2008 Study from Princeton University shows that lab rats have withdrawal symptoms when they go from eating high fructose corn syrup and suddenly stop. This explains why many consumers report headaches when they first go on a “clean” diet and take chemicals like this out of their diet.

A better alternative

Late July peanut butter crackers are a better alternative to Ritz crackers because they don’t contain partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or food dyes. I do a lot of grocery store comparisons and sometimes I feel like the difference in the “Don’t buy it” and the “Do buy it” is slight. In this case, there’s a large difference in the impact of your health when you compare Ritz to Late July peanut butter crackers. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting Late July crackers are a health food, but if you or someone you know eats Ritz peanut butter crackers often and makes the switch, there’s a good chance they’ll notice a difference in how they feel.


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