Negotiate with debt collectors

“Your health is your wealth”

It may seem odd to see a health tip about finances on this page, as we don’t often venture into this realm. However, our financial health is intimately tied to our physical health. For instance, if someone is constantly stressing because they can’t find a job or they feel buried in debt, then their body is going to release the stress chemical cortisol into their bloodstream. If this happens over-and-over and chronic stress sets in, then there will eventually be health consequences like severe fatigue or anxiety that can set in.

How to get out of debt

“Your health is your wealth” is a motto that’s never been more true in this toxic world. How many rock stars with adoring fans and bottomless bank accounts have died early because of addiction or suicide related to depression? Or people like Steve Jobs who seem to have their mental health in check, but their bodies failed them at an early age, despite endless wealth. You can buy nice cars and homes with money, but you cannot buy a new body once you’ve abused it beyond recognition.

An investment in you

As I’m coaching clients, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in order to reach success are finances. I often hear, “But Tony, this food is so expensive” and “I just wish that healthy food was as cheap as junk food.” It’s important to see your grocery bill as an investment in your health. Every healthy decision you make while shopping is decreasing your chances of being reliant on nursing homes and pharmaceutical drugs in the future – those things are very expensive. As explained in this video, there are tips and tricks you can use to decrease your grocery bill. But these tips are only going to save you a few dollars here and there. This video health tip above goes further and introduces you to some tactics that can help you save on a larger scale.



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