The worst item in the grocery store (shocking)

In this video, I was on a quest to find the most harmful product, in my opinion, in the entire grocery store. The product I landed on surprised a lot of people because it wasn’t in the candy aisle or bakery. It was actually found in the frozen food aisle. Note: On multiple platforms, this video is one of the most popular Tony Health Tips of all time.

shopping cart in grocery store aisle

Before we go any further, lets define criteria for what is meant when we say, “Worst” item or “most harmful.” This is an important distinction to make because a product which clogs arteries would be more harmful to a patient who is about to have a triple bypass, than to an otherwise healthy patient with diabetes. But the product that is loaded with sugar would more harmful to the diabetic than the otherwise healthy triple bypass patient. In other words, not all foods harm us equally. So when I set out to find the “worst” item in the grocery store, I was looking for the item that, all health conditions equal, would deliver the most negative reaction to someone’s body because of it’s chemical/ingredient makeup.

And the winner is…

As you saw in the video, the product that was chosen and called the “worst,” fits that description. Sadly, it’s also a product which markets itself as a healthy product and encourages consumers who are trying to lose weight to buy. This happens all the time and is a classic example of why we as consumers can’t trust food companies to tell us what is and what is not healthy, we must educate ourselves about the ingredients in our food. Remember, when food companies hit you with slogans like “low fat,” “reduced fat,” or “sugar free” we need to be asking ourselves, what they did to the product to make it taste good because fat and sugar are what keeps us coming back. Therefore they must have manipulated the ingredients to make the food taste better after removing some taste.



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