Buying healthy salad dressing

Which salad dressing is best?

Salad dressings can be a major reason why your past diets or attempts at weight loss have failed. Salad dressings, believe it or not, can be one of the most unhealthy items in grocery stores. And this is really a shame too, because they’re often used by well-meaning people who are trying to incorporate more fresh vegetables into their diet. Some of the worst salad dressings are labeled “Fat Free,” or “Reduced Fat” or “Sugar Free.” But just remember salad dressing is unhealthy even low fatthat fat and sugar taste good, so if a company is removing or reducing the yummy stuff, they’re probably adding something else to the recipe to make up for it. That “something else” is often terrible for you – even worse than fat and sugar. This is what Tony talks about in his TED TALK, click here to see it.

So what makes salad dressings so harmful? While the fat and calories on these products are often not alarming, a quick look at the ingredients tells a different story. Propylene Glycol, the main ingredient of antifreeze and vaping products is found in abundance in salad dressings. Another concerning chemical in many salad dressings is partially hydrogenated oils, which are so harmful that the United States Government has finally decided to slowly phase them out. Luckily, this video will show you how you can shop for healthier salad dressings without the harmful ingredients.

Do it yourself

If you are looking to add some taste to your salad without salad dressing, I recommend making your own – it’s much easier than you might think. Nuts and seeds and herbs (Dill, cilantro, Parsley) combined in a food processor and can make mouth watering dressings that won’t have hidden ingredients like you’ll find from mainstream food manufacturers.

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