Canned or frozen vegetables?

canned vegetables

Fresh produce is healthier than frozen or canned vegetables, and frozen vegetables are far superior to canned vegetables. The reason is because in order to have vegetables last in a can, food companies are going to need some sort of preservative. You will often see canned foods with “no preservatives” on the label, but this is simply a lie.

As I show in this video, salt is often used as a preservative in canned food products labeled “no preservatives.” You will not find salt in frozen vegetables. Salt is the original food preservative, going back centuries before modern refrigerators existed. History books make it very clear: Salt is a preservative. So, how can these companies put a preservative in a product labeled “No preservatives” – the simply answer is because they can. Nobody is holding them accountable. There is no legal definition of the word “preservative” and therefore food companies cannot be held accountable when lying to us. Sea salt is slightly healthier than salt if you must buy canned vegetables.

In the video I also point out contradictions on food labels such as, “not a sodium free food” on a can which also says, “no salt added.”

My favorite way to cook vegetables is to buy them fresh and cook them using a steam basket. If you don’t own a steam basket, I highly recommend you purchasing one, as they can be found for as little as $2-3 at a thrift store. The steam basket is adjustable and can be placed in most pots and pans with a minimal amount of water. Simply put the veggies on top, wait for the water down below to boil and the steam will cook your food for you. A picture of a steam basket is below so you know what to keep an eye out for!

The steam basket is one of three life changing kitchen gadgets for less than $5. To read the other two, click here.


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