Fortune Cookie Ingredients

“I gotta tell you, I think I’d rather eat the fortune inside cookie and take my chances with the ingredients in the paper, than actually eat the contents of the cookie itself.”

Fortune Cookie Ingredients

This was my first time looking at the ingredients on fortune cookies and I couldn’t help my cringe. Not only was there partially hydrogenated oils, a chemical linked to a variety of health ailments and talked about in my TED Talk, but there were also multiple food dyes. Read more here about how food dyes can cause behavioral issues in children and other problems.

Not only do fortune cookies contain sketchy ingredients, they provide virtually no nutritional value and are essentially “empty calories” that do nothing good for you while harming you. Even snacks like ice cream or apple pie provide some nutrients while they’re increasing your waist line.

Tony joked in the video above that he’d rather eat the paper inside the cookie than the actual cookie itself.



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