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NBC News video

Congressman Mullin Shakes Dozens of Hands

As you know, is dedicated to providing you with information so that you can keep yourself as healthy as possible. Today, Tony’s Health Tip is to stay far away from U.S. Congressman Markwayne Mullin and his family for the next 14 days. The Republican Congressman, who has represented Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district since 2013,

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What is in a Fig Newton cookie?

In this video health tip, Tony is back in the grocery store to look at the ingredients on two different versions (original and blueberry) of the popular snack Fig Newtons. What’s in a Fig Newton? Remember that the earlier an ingredient is listed on a label, the more of that ingredient is in the product.

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Are pretzels a healthy snack or not?

Pretzels are a popular snack and in this video Tony breaks down what you should be looking for on the ingredients to make sure you buy the healthiest version. Are pretzels sweet? When you bite into a pretzel, would you describe it as satisfying your sweet tooth? Do you taste sugar or anything sweet at

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Drinking juice

Is juice from the store healthy?

If you follow closely, you know that I’m a big fan of “juicing,” “juice cleansing,” or “juice fasting.” Juices from fruits and vegetables is a great way introduce nutrients without burdening your body with digestion like food does. However, juice cleansing should only be done with fresh juices because there is a very big

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Buy this, not that: cookies and crackers

For this video health tip, Tony spends time in the grocery store to break down some healthier snack options to satisfy your cravings. Cheez-Its Tony explains that “Cheddar Bunnies” are a much healthier alternative to the popular snack “Cheeze-Its” because Cheddar Bunnies do not contain TBHQ, a controversial preservative that McDonalds removed from its Chicken

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Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

What’s in Reese’s peanut butter cups?

When you’re buying candy, you know you’re going to be eating high doses of processed sugars which have been shown to have negative consequences for teeth, your body, and your cravings. But there’s a surprising danger in some candy and snack food that most people are less aware of. TBHQ or tertiary butylhydroquinone, AKA tert-Butylhydroquinone

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Fortune cookies

Fortune Cookie Ingredients

“I gotta tell you, I think I’d rather eat the fortune inside cookie and take my chances with the ingredients in the paper, than actually eat the contents of the cookie itself.” Fortune Cookie Ingredients This was my first time looking at the ingredients on fortune cookies and I couldn’t help my cringe. Not only

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homemade granola

What is the healthiest granola?

In this health video, Tony reports from the original Whole Foods in Austin, TX which boasts a wide assortment of granola. Unfortunately, every single granola offered is loaded with sugar. In order to get the oats and nuts and raisins to stick together, there needs to be some oil or sugar source like honey or

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Breadcrumbs title page

Why are bread crumbs unhealthy?

Bread crumbs seem pretty harmless, they’re just tasty pieces of bread to give your meal a better look, texture or taste. One would think that bread crumb ingredients are pretty simple and straight forward and resemble bread ingredients. A closer look however reveals several concerns. I think video health tip, Tony takes you into the

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vanilla bean extract

Buy this not that: Vanilla extract vs. Vanilla Flavor

The magic word In this short video health tip, Tony explains that vanilla extract is a healthier option than vanilla flavor. Vanilla, commonly used for baking, should have only two ingredients: vanilla bean and alcohol (used for extracting the vanilla from the bean). However, in the grocery store we often see “vanilla flavor” (fake vanilla)

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