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Juicing is a lot of fun. It’s a fun way to introduce a large amount of nutrients into your body quickly without challenging your digestive tract. But after juicing, we’re often left with a real mess. A glob of fruit and vegetable pulp that can clog your drain or attract bugs if left in your trash too long. But one way to get some use out of this mess is by turning it to a face mask that can revitalize your skin, as seen in this video.

Cucumbers on eyesCucumber and carrot pulp is especially helpful for your face, but don’t stop there. Your skin is an organ and when you’re spending time to nourish or replenish the skin on what part of your body, it’s helping the entire organ.

I especially like cucumbers because they are rich in Vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and have been proven to have multiple positive effects on the skin, such as moisturizing it, decreasing inflammation, inhibiting sebum secretion, inhibiting melanin synthesis. Click here to read about how Vitamins A and C increase calcium absorption.

This is why you’ll see cucumber extract used in so many skin care products. But too often, these same products are loaded with harmful chemicals which decrease the effectiveness of the cucumber. Furthermore, the cucumber used in these products has been heavily processed, likely dyed, and freeze dried into an almost unrecognizable form. So, why not get the benefits of cucumbers without all the drama?

As for carrots, one study showed that polyacetylenes in carrots and showed that falcarinol activates mammalian cell differentiation, but also had anti-cancer effect. Another study reported polyacetylenes are very cytotoxic against several cancer cell lines and have revealed antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-platelet aggregatory characteristics.

What’s more exciting about this is that carrots and cucumbers are two of the more reasonably priced organic vegetables in the grocery store. Just remember, always buy organic and avoid baby carrots, click here to see why.

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