Breadcrumbs title page

Why are bread crumbs unhealthy?

Bread crumbs seem pretty harmless, they’re just tasty pieces of bread to give your meal a better look, texture or taste. One would think that bread crumb ingredients are pretty simple and straight forward and resemble bread ingredients. A closer look however reveals several concerns. I think video health tip, Tony takes you into the

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vanilla bean extract

Buy this not that: Vanilla extract vs. Vanilla Flavor

The magic word In this short video health tip, Tony explains that vanilla extract is a healthier option than vanilla flavor. Vanilla, commonly used for baking, should have only two ingredients: vanilla bean and alcohol (used for extracting the vanilla from the bean). However, in the grocery store we often see “vanilla flavor” (fake vanilla)

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women sleeping on bed

4 reasons you’re not sleeping well

Besides questions about weight loss, the most common thing people come to me for is help sleeping. In order to fix the problem, we first have to figure out why they’re not sleeping. For instance, if you’re not able to sleep because of a stressful spouse and lighting in your room…then I can give you

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Cancer Patient

3 Tips for reducing EMFs in your home

The science on Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs), invisible waves emitted from electronics, is concerning. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) both classify EMFs as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” But for those who are skeptical, in denial, or just living their best “YOLO” life, I present you with three

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Macaroni and cheese bowl

Buy this, not that: Mac n’ cheese

An American Staple Macaroni and powdered cheese is an inexpensive and filling staple of households across America, that debuted in 1937 during the great depression as cheap form of calories. I’m generally not a fan of this dish because of the lack of nutrients in the pasta and the processed powdered cheese, but for those

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Jelly beans with food dye

Food dyes and behavioral issues in kids

What if it’s not the sugar? Whether it’s Halloween candy, a bowl of fruity pebbles, or birthday cake, children are known to get hyper when eating sweets. Many parents know that giving their child sweets can spark behavioral issues and are quick to blame sugar. With good reason. But what many parents don’t know is

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Pasta sauce over noodles

Buy this, not that: pasta sauce

A nice pasta dinner… Imagine for a moment, you’re sitting down for a fancy Italian dinner. The wine is flowing, the bread is still hot and mouth watering, and you begin to sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on your towering pla te of marinara sauce and favorite pasta noodles. The smell of Italian spices has you

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Tony holding a frozen cucumber

The frozen cucumber trick explained

If you enjoy this video, please consider “liking” it on Youtube and adding us on instagram @tonyshealthtips This is one of the most simple, inexpensive health tips on my site. It’s a great way to improve your physical appearance while boosting your overall health. Tony takes you in his his kitchen to show you this

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Tony in grocery store with Ritz crackers

Buy this, not that: Peanut butter crackers

In this video health tip, I take you through the aisles of the grocery store for another episode of, “Buy this, not that” as we look at peanut butter crackers. Ritz fails the test As you may recall from this health tip on buying peanut butter in the grocery store, the first thing I look

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Kale and the ‘forgotten vitamin’

Kale yeah! Kale contains more than 1100% the daily value of vitamin K per 100g serving. That’s more than any other vegetable besides collard greens. Sometimes referred to as the “forgotten vitamin” – Vitamin K is often overlooked — even by health conscious individuals. Vitamin K has shown promise in preventing cancer (especially prostate cancer

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