Why produce size matters

Organic vs. conventional

Before we jump into how to save money by buying superior produce at a cheaper cost, I’m going to outline the difference between organic and conventional produce items. If your produce is certified organic, it’s guaranteed not to be genetically modified. If it’s certified organic, it’s guaranteed not to have been sprayed with carcinogenic pesticides. These same guarantees aren’t the case for conventional foods. I believe organic food tastes better than conventional foods, but this is a hotly debated topic with opinions ranging widely.

Is organic always more expensive?

Often times, as I’m encouraging clients to buy organic produce, they will respond with complaints that organic produce is “too expensive” and that they can’t afford it. There is of course, a lot of truth to this, as most organic fruits and vegetables cost more than their conventional counterparts. However, it’s not true in every insta

organic cucumbers nutrients

nce, so if you’re going into the grocery store with the mindset of, “I can’t afford organic produce” and just skipping over it when you see these items the store, and not taking the time to compare prices, you may be leaving money on the table.

In this video, I demonstrate how keeping an eye out for produce items that are on sale can save you money. In many examples, you’ll find that organic items are actually cheaper than the conventional ones. For instance, organic carrots may be cheaper per pound than conventional ones. In instances like this it makes absolutely no sense to purchase the conventional carrots. Why would you want an inferior product, with no additional benefit, that also costs more? However, many people fall into this trap of “I can’t afford organic so I won’t even bother to look at the prices,” and they miss out on savings.

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