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Tony holding a frozen cucumber

The frozen cucumber trick explained

If you enjoy this video, please consider “liking” it on Youtube and adding us on instagram @tonyshealthtips This is one of the most simple, inexpensive health tips on my site. It’s a great way to improve your physical appearance while boosting your overall health. Tony takes you in his his kitchen to show you this

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Tony in grocery store with Ritz crackers

Buy this, not that: Peanut butter crackers

In this video health tip, I take you through the aisles of the grocery store for another episode of, “Buy this, not that” as we look at peanut butter crackers. Ritz fails the test As you may recall from this health tip on buying peanut butter in the grocery store, the first thing I look

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Kale and the ‘forgotten vitamin’

Kale yeah! Kale contains more than 1100% the daily value of vitamin K per 100g serving. That’s more than any other vegetable besides collard greens. Sometimes referred to as the “forgotten vitamin” – Vitamin K is often overlooked — even by health conscious individuals. Vitamin K has shown promise in preventing cancer (especially prostate cancer

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bentonite clay feature image

Did bentonite clay spare me minor surgery?

Rather than potentially putting myself in harms way legally by bragging about what bentonite clay can do for you, I’m just going to share a story of what bentonite clay did for me, with photographic evidence. Our government can’t stop me from telling a story, right? Note: Bentonite clay should not be used by kids

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Tony Farmer and John Bush Podcast picture

Tony’s 1- hour podcast interview

John Bush interviews In case you missed it, John Bush of the Conscious Resistance and the Live Free Now podcast, interviewed Tony todayin a live broadcast. The episode has been well received thus far with 80 “thumbs up” and 0 “thumbs down” on Youtube only two hours after their live feed went off the

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Conagra pudding snack pack

Pointing out blatant lies on one food package

In this video, I dismantle one-by-one the lies from Conagra on this single food product and use it as an example of how food companies do everything they can to keep you in the dark and trick you into thinking their products are healthier than they really are. Lie #1: “No Preservatives” The package clearly

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Chrons disease cover

Shopping for yogurt, and what’s carrageenan?

In this video health tip, Tony is back in the grocery store looking at one of America’s favorite “healthy” snacks – yogurt. Tony explains that there’s three main questions to ask when looking at a yogurt label: 1.) What is the emulsifier being used? 2.) What is it being colored with? 3.) What is it

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Hand washing with soap

Investigating soaps and hand sanitizers

With Covid-19 hysteria, people are paying more attention to hygiene and hygiene products. Below, I’ll explain why I believe hand soaps are a far superior option to to liquid hand sanitizers and I’m also sharing with you 20% off my favorite soap on the planet, just by reading this page. To get 20% off your

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Laboratory work

Oil pulling for healthy teeth and gums

Much like an oil change in a car pulls out dirt and debris, oil pulling with a healthy oil in your mouth can keep your mouth fresh, whiten your teeth, and some believe it acts as a detoxification. Skin improvements have been reported as have a host of other ailments including migraines. I was skeptical

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Organic raisins and tater tots without oil

Buying healthy raisins and tater tots

In this two-for-one video Tony tackles what to look for if you’re shopping for raisins or tater tots in the grocery store. You’re probably thinking, “Why in the world did Tony pair together these two items?” The reason is because the keys to finding good raisins and good tater tots in the grocery store are

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